Hurtin Patch
Hurtin Patch

Hurtin Patch

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Embroidered Iron on Patch - 2"w x 2"h

Steps in Attaching the Iron-On Backing for Embroidered Patches:

1) Ensure that the fabric surface is clean and free of wrinkles.
2) Warm the iron or press to medium about 140~150 degree Celsius. (no steam/water)
3) Pre-heat the location where the patch is going to be put on.
4) Place the patch and put a thin cotton cloth on top of it.
5) Apply moderate pressure with the iron in circular motions 1-3 minutes.
6) Turn the garment inside-out and apply direct heat with iron onto the areas until adhered.
7) Let it cool for one minute. If the edge of the patch can still be lifted, repeat steps 4-6.