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Inclusivity Statement

We are committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment that celebrates all people on bicycles. Our approach is simple: providing a gravel race that offers a relaxed and beginner friendly format, with a start together, finish together philosophy.

Anti-Harassment/Discrimination Policy

There will be no tolerance for discrimination or harassment of any kind. We are committed to promoting respectful competition and inclusion. All staff, volunteers and participants are expected to respect the dignity and rights of their fellow competitors including the right of participants to select the gender category that best fits their identity. We reserve the right to remove any persons in violation of this policy.

Marc Sinclair (He/HIM)

Founder and Race Director of the Hurtin in Haliburton. Marc has an affinity for long days in the saddle, whether its racing 24 hours solo, riding on ice roads to the Pikangikum First Nation or multi-day bikepacking trips. He is a big believer in that, with enough calories and stubbornness, you can truly surprise yourself with what you can accomplish.

What Is Your "Day Job"? Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) Specialist

What Gravel Bike Do You Ride? 3T Exploro Ultra

Favourite Place To Ride? Local trails in Dundas

Where we'll find you when you're not riding? Backcountry Camping with Heather and our Chihuahua Lexi.

Heather Hardy (She/Her)

Co-director of the Hurtin in Haliburton and Coordinator of Volunteers. Heather's love of cycling started from the sidelines, providing pit support and first aid to Marc. After riding with a local shop for a few years, she became an ambassador and now leads weekly gravel rides and a women's inclusive mountain bike ride. Her favourite part of a ride is noticing the small details when travelling off the beaten path, and the snacks!

What Is Your "Day Job"? Child Therapist/ Child Life Specialist

What Gravel Bike Do You Ride? Salsa Journeyman

Favourite Place To Ride? Mallorca, Spain

Where we'll find you when you're not riding? At a classic car show, knitting, or hiking with Marc and Lexi.